Bubba in da’ house! Thanks for keeping it cranked with me for nearly 30 years! In the beginning, it wasn’t even legal to partake in booze, so it was BACON only at that time. After being welcomed to the world in Cambria County at Lee Hospital, Somerset County has been my home since. Living in the Laurel Highlands has been a blessing! You know our communities are cooler than most! My son, Camden, is also a football-playing, wrestling, fishing, hunting, comedic, badass teenager. And just like you with your kids, it’s cool doing all those things WITH him. What you might not know about me:– My previous job experience is that of a “turn herder”. That’s the official, endearing term for an individual who works in the SEWAGE industry. – I’m a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for Cambria and Somerset Counties. This is a volunteer who assists abused and neglected kids. Join our CASA team! I promise you this is the most challenging rewarding gig you’ll be involved with!